Five '16 And Pregnant' Dads That Stepped Up This Season

Despite what statistics say about young fathers and how often they stick around, we've seen a number of stand-up guys this season on "16 and Pregnant." Sure, some have caved in the face of adversity like Sarah's ex-boyfriend, Blake, who picked up and left town altogether, but we want to highlight the dads that stepped up, or were always there from the get-go. Here are five of 'em:


Initially, Lindsey's boyfriend wanted nothing to do with her when she told him they were expecting--he even accused her of getting pregnant intentionally. Fortunately, after taking a time out, he realized he wanted to make it work with Lindsey for the sake of their baby, and during the "16 and Pregnant: Life After Labor Finale Special," the young mom teared up just thinking about how dependable Forest has become. "I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend," she shared.

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Myranda may not have had a storybook relationship with her mom, Billie, but her boyfriend was responsible and determined to support his new family. During the reunion, we learned that things between him and Myranda were still going strong, and they are now engaged. When Dr. Drew asked him to describe how he popped the question, his face lit up: "I let the baby play with [the ring]."

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Katie and her boyfriend Joey weren't thrilled about sacrificing their youth in order to become role-model parents, but the important thing was that they were willing to do it. They had a few nasty fights during the episode, but Joey was always an active parent. On the reunion, he revealed that he got a job as a miner so that he could continue providing for his family.

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Hope got the cold shoulder when she first told Ben they were expecting (they barely even knew each other at the time), but he turned over a new leaf and eventually asked her to move in with him. During the reunion, she revealed that Ben actually exceeded her expectations as a dad. "I didn't think he was gonna be there in the beginning at all, but he completely turned around," Hope confessed.

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Just when it seemed that Sabrina's boyfriend was going to completely disappear from her life (she moved to Tennessee and was waiting for him to join her), Iman bought a ticket and showed up at her doorstep. The young father got a chance during the reunion to explain his initial aloofness and why he eventually came around. "Something just kinda clicked," he said. "I just decided that I gotta get there, I can't miss no more."

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