'16 And Pregnant' Exclusive: Where Are Jordan, Hope, Devon And Sabrina Now?

Season 4 of "16 and Pregnant" was filled with a variety of complex themes, from irresponsible fathers to tragic loss--including death. But no matter what each teen faced, their road to motherhood was undeniably rocky, and during tonight's "Life After Labor Finale Special," Dr. Drew checked in with eight of the moms for an update on their lives.

For girls like Alex and Sarah, not much has changed with respect to their ex-boyfriends (Matt is in rehab but lying to Alex about his whereabouts and commitment to stay clean; Blake is still gone from Sarah's life and rarely ever sends money for child support), whereas Myranda and Lindsey appeared content with their partners. There were four teens we didn't hear from on stage, but MTV.com has their exclusive interviews here.


Then: Jordan's mom didn't approve of her interracial relationship, and for a period of time, wouldn't let her daughter's boyfriend, Tyler, enter their home. Eventually she became more lenient, but Tyler's positive attitude about his relationship with Jordan, as well as fatherhood, completely disappeared after their son was born.

Now: While things certainly ended on a bad note for these two, Jordan cooled off and eventually called his baby's mother to see if they could reconnect. They're now engaged!

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Then: Hope's relationship with party boy Ben was never serious, and when he heard she was pregnant, he showed little to no interest. Ben had a change of heart, though, and surprisingly asked Hope to move in with him.

Now: The former party girl hates that she lost touch with her friends, but is thankful that Ben stuck around. "He's everything I wanted," she told Dr. Drew.

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Then: She and her hard-working boyfriend, Colin, really wanted to get their own place, but he was laid off, which forced them to put their relocation plans on hold.

Now: Colin eventually got another job so now he, Devon and their baby live on their own. He's still in the Reserves but has decided against active duty.

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Then: When she got pregnant, 17-year-old Sabrina left her hometown of Los Angeles--and her baby's father, Iman--to join her estranged mother, Amanda, in Tennessee. But her plan to establish closer ties with her mom didn't quite pan out. There wasn't enough space for her at Amanda's house, so she ended up having to move in with her grandparents. Her sister--who also stayed with their grandparents for a little while--went back to her mom's as soon as Iman showed up.

Now: Sabrina still feels that her sister abandoned her, but they are on better terms now. Also, her and Iman are heading back to California together--they, too, are engaged!

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