Snooki's New Love Nest A Stone's Throw From Original 'Shore' House [Photos]

Pregnant Snooki moves alllllll the way across the...alley...while filming Season 6 of "Jersey Shore."

Snooki has spent three separate summers stumbling through the infamous shingle-sided "Jersey Shore" house, but now that her single self is officially shelved, and she's got a little one on the way, it's time for the meatball to start hanging her hat somewhere that offers a bit more that place immediately next door!

Beach town-dwelling photogs recently snapped some shots of one very pregnant Nicole moving her things into her brand new digs (that just happen to nearly touch her old home) with the help of JWOWW and Pauly D. If any of the three broke a sweat, it's more the fault of Snooks's suitcase museum than the journey each took. Certain wingless planes make longer trips...

+ Check out some pics of Snooki's big move below, and tell us if you think she'll benefit from the personal space. We can just FEEL the window-to-window prank wars to come.

Out/down with the old...

...And in/up with the new.

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Photos: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News