Scott Looks To Take Isaac Under His 'Teen Wolf' Wing [Video]

Scott might have best bud Stiles to turn to when his back's against the wall, but in the world of werewolves, he generally roams alone. But now that another student, Isaac, has received the life-changing bite on "Teen Wolf," Scott sees an opportunity for an ally, and, more importantly, the responsibility to keep Isaac out of the Alpha Wolf's crosshairs.

"Derek isn't usually the best choice to look to when you're looking for a friend or a pack," Tyler Posey says in the exclusive interview below. "And Scott's trying to lead Isaac away from Derek." The Hale descendant might ultimately prove to be the least of Scott's worries, though, as the show's actors agree a mysterious new creature that's circling Beacon Hills might make him look like a woodland nymph comparatively. Plus, since Kate's death, all bets are off when it comes to the Argent family's commitment to keeping the innocent alive, and Allison's father might be the only one still averse to killing werewolves without reason, Crystal Reed says.

"When people get power, it sort of messes with their head," she says. "But Allison's father--he's really driven by what is right and what is wrong."

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