Snooki's New Celebrity Doppelganger? Willy Wonka!

Snooki protects her retinas in Seaside Heights; Johnny Depp plays Willy Wonka.

Trendsetting guidette Nicole Polizzi has always enjoyed flossing her stately arsenal of daring eyewear around town. In fact, at various points throughout her rise to style domination, her spectacles of choice were so outrageous that they limited her vision (you remember the spiked shades, right?). The girl with her own line of sunglasses has never been afraid to make a statement...even if it was hazardous to the health of those around her.

That courageousness--and quirkiness--is exactly why we lurve the circular white frames the "Jersey Shore" mom-to-be wore over the weekend in Joisy (could they be a prototype from her own collection?). With them on, she's the spitting image of Johnny Depp in "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory"!  Someone lead us to the chocolate-covered pickle garden...

+ Snooks and Willy Wonka both look fab in their fun sunnies, but who do you think wore 'em better? Check out the pics, then take our poll!

Who wore the white sunnies better?

  • Snooki
  • Willy Wonka

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Photos: Thelonius/Splash News, courtesy of Warner Bros.