Very Pale Man Demonstrates He's DTF With Ill-Fitting Pair Of Panties [Photo]

Catchphrases and slang specific to MTV's "Jersey Shore" have traveled far and wide over the seasons--if your mom hasn't asked you yet to translate the terms GTL or grenade, then your mom is a deaf, mute monk. For better for worse, even kindergartners know the definition of DTF, and, as evidenced by this photo snapped in Seaside Heights on Friday, it's also caught on in Drunken Idiotville.

Wearing unintended nut-huggers no doubt purchased at the Shore Store, this ghost-white Lambda Lambda Whatever probably didn't anticipate being stopped by the cops when his fellow fratties dared him to shoplift a pair of hot-pink panties and casually glide down the boardwalk on a sunny day. At least, that's where our imagination is taking us. Who knows the real story behind the scene--we're just hoping he applied sunscreen to those harder to reach places.

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Photo: Splash News