The 'Teen Wolf' Cast Ponder Their Characters' Futures [Video]

It probably doesn't need mentioning, but when a string of human/wolf hybrids infiltrate a quiet town, the mood is bound to shift. As soon as Scott McCall realized he'd been bitten by one of said creatures on the first "Teen Wolf" season, the safe suburbia he and his friends had come to know and love would be permanently altered. And by the sounds of it, the winds of change show no signs of slowing through Season 2.

Scott, Allison, Stiles, Derek, Lydia and Jackson will evolve in ways fans might not have expected through the upcoming series of episodes, the show's actors say in the "Character Catch Up" video below. Once fixated on ridding himself of the werewolf curse, Scott will learn to embrace his moonlight alter-ego, Tyler Posey says, and, conversely, Allison will learn to appreciate her family's hunter heritage (consider any joint-family holiday venture shot to hell...). Reliable bad-boy Jackson will have some unexpected soul-searching to do, Colton Haynes shares, who adds that his character's growth will be much more "emotional." And as far as Lydia's concerned, your guess is as good as Holland Roden's. Dead? Alive? Werewolf? Human? Guess we'll have to wait and see...

+ Check out the cast sorting through their characters' story lines, and tune in for Episode 2 tonight at 10/9c (and the Season 2 premiere before that at 9/8c, in case you missed it)!

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