'Teen Wolf' Poll: Should Scott Join Derek's Pack?

After Scott heard smelled that he and fellow lacrosse teammate Isaac had an awful lot in common during tonight's episode of "Teen Wolf," the morally sound werewolf was pissed with Derek's seemingly careless decision to give Isaac the bite. And when Derek showed up at Beacon Hills High and demanded Scott help him get Isaac out of jail (the police arrested him as a suspect in his father's murder), Scott wanted no part of it...until the lone wolf explained that he didn't think Isaac was behind the venomous killing.

Scott eventually agreed to help Derek save the innocent newbie, so long as he promised to stop turning people into beasts. But rather than complying, Derek extended an enticing invitation to join his pack instead. "With me you learn how to use all of your senses; with me you learn control," Derek said. Oh yeah, sensei?

+ Scott knows that if he were to join Derek's pack he could lose Allison, but that might happen anyway. Take the poll and tell us whether or not he should team up with the new Alpha (!), or keep rollin' on his own.

Should Scott join Derek's pack?

  • Yes, there's strength in numbers.
  • No, Scott's tough enough on his own.

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