'Punk'd' Finale Sneak Peek: How Neil Patrick Harris Met A Bear

Neil Patrick Harris might play a fearless ladies' man on "How I Met Your Mother," but "Punk'd" will have him running for cover when the show concludes its ninth season Thursday night. In his defense, though, bears are some scary sh**.

NPH deals with a wild animal's scorn in the below sneak peek of the upcoming season finale, and admits he's not quite sure who to call when the creature lets out a giant bellow and proves it's beyond control. On the other side of things, guest host Mac Miller will see to it that fellow "Hip Hop POV" featured performer Wiz Khalifa has an unfortunate run-in with the law, and New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis lands in a sticky situation when his SUV plows front-first into a big mud pile.

+ Check out a few snippets of Season 9's last episode, and tell us who you're most excited to see get played.

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