Tyler Hoechlin And Other Supernatural Actors Undergo Group Therapy [Video]

For "Teen Wolf" actor Tyler Hoechlin, it can be quite challenge playing the role of the seemingly emotionless flesh-eater, Derek Hale, but not for reasons you may think. Lately, the thespian finds himself unable--and unwilling--to transition out of character! Luckily, he's not alone--there are other actors out there that are equally obsessed with their onscreen alter egos. In the below MTV Movie Awards edition of "After Hours," Hoechlin finds himself huddled among the likes of fellow TV werewolf Joe Manganiello from "True Blood," as well as a pair of famous vampiresses, during a powerful Actors Anonymous session.

Manganiello begins by disclosing his addiction to his job, and when "After Hours" host (and, evidently, 12-step counselor) Josh Horowitz asks him to explore his feelings even further, he gets explicit. Moved by the candid discourse taking place in this circle of trust, Hoechlin jumps right in to reveal his affinity for mixing human blood with scotch (hmm, what's the calorie count on that?), as well as his dread of shaving. See his breakthrough for yourself:

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