Matty vs. Jake: Which Of Jenna's 'Awkward.' Lovahs Looked Hotter At The Movie Awards?

Jake and Matty flash their pearly whites along the 2012 Movie Awards red carpet.

You already know that "Awkward" high school buddies Jake and Matty will be competing for the same girl when Season 2 kicks off later this month (although Jake still won't have any idea that Matty likes Jenna), and during tonight's Movie Awards Red Carpet Report, the actors kept up a bit of their on-screen rivalry as they displayed their duds in front of the MTV Movie Awards 2012 step-and-repeat.

Brett Davern (who plays good guy Jake) marked his territory first, arriving in style sporting a light brown faux-leather jacket over a basic T-shirt. Beau Mirchoff (that'd be Matty) showed up minutes later, wearing the quintessential skinny tie with an untucked button-up. Not quite sure which stud Jenna Hamilton would've been most impressed with, but we imagine all the girls from Palos Hills High would be swooning right about now.

+ See what some of their "Awkward" costars wore in the below clip from Kat Graham's Red Carpet Report, then check out shots of Jake and Matty's Movie Awards fashion and tell us which guy looked hotter!

Who looked hotter at the MTV Movie Awards?

  • Jake
  • Matty

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Photos: PictureGroup, Getty Images