Sitch Comes Well Prepared For Sober Living At The 'Shore' [Photos]

Mike has his arms full with all sorts of good, clean fun.

Our proverbial hats have been tipped ever since Mike "The Situation" entered a rehab program to deal with his pill addiction (TMZ broke the story back in March). We've been impressed with his commitment to stay clean, but now that he's heading back to the "Jersey Shore" house to film Season 6, people have been wondering how the party guy can maintain his pledge to hang sober.

Well, judging by these new pics of Sitch unpacking his car at the famed Seaside residence, he's got a well thought-out plan of action.

Along with the rolling suitcases carrying Mike's go-to neon tanks and pimp-daddy loafers is a sporting goods store's worth of endorphin-spiking equipment, from an outdoor beach volleyball to a shiny new basketball...and some sort of street scooter that could end up functioning as the designated driver's rig. Idle time is indeed the devil's playground!

Meanwhile, it appears as if he's already been directing his addictive tendencies towards the healthier act of pumping serious iron--would you look at those guns!!!

Pauly welcomes Mike back to the house with a big ol' hug.

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Photos: Prahl/Rocke Splash News

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