Rob Makes A 'Ridiculousness' Case For Flying Solo [Sneak Peek]

His Fantasy Factory may be bursting at the seams with friends and coworkers but Rob Dyrdek still believes there are times when it's more than reasonable to fly solo, and plummeting into the jungle in Tarzan-like form is definitely one of them.

Dyrdek and a skater pal describe the perils of the "Follow You Up" concept in the skateboard world, and how the danger translates to real life in the below sneak peek of Thursday night's back-to-back episodes of "Ridiculousness." The clip reel features all the classics: crotch-first falls onto railings, bike rides-gone-awry and even an accidental rooftop tumble while trying to Parkour. Well, guess that last one's not so common. Suffice it to say: Bubble Boy was really onto something...

+ Check out why one really isn't the loneliest number, and tune in Thursday at 11/10c for "Ridiculousness."

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