Did Ashton Kutcher's 'Punk'd' Return Meet Your Expectations?

As far as we're concerned, any day that Kim Kardashian gets humiliated on camera is a fine one, so big ups to original "Punk'd" host Ashton Kutcher, who dug out the ol' trucker hat for last night's pre-MTV Movie Awards 2012 special with a vow to crush the reality star, as well as one of hip hop's finest, Drake.

"The farmhand's back!" Kutcher triumphantly announced as he reclaimed his familiar place at the head of the show's production team and delivered some fighting words: "What's happened thus far is a f***ing travesty...so I'm coming home to get some sh** done this week." He told his crew he wanted bigger, better--something along the lines of a natural disaster. So...Drake enduring an earthquake while in a parking garage? Bingo!

Drake's generally cool demeanor devolved into a series of stress-induced yelps when the ground started shaking beneath him, and he reluctantly stayed inside an SUV at the request of the United States Secret Service (remember: Ashton actually had him convinced he had a private meeting with the Vice President). The guy's anxiety was compounded by a pregnant woman experiencing the first stages of labor, and when it seemed like everything was caving in on the superstar, Ashton came out of the woodwork demanding his victim admit he'd been had. Mission accomplished, Kutch.

With the help of previous punk-ee, Scott Disick, Kutcher proceeded to get the best of Kim K. at a gas station. While the two socialites were refilling their car, Scott suddenly noticed his wallet was missing and claimed a desperate fan had taken it. He took matters into his own hands, peeling out of the lot with the station's nozzle still planted in the car and essentially setting the place ablaze. "I am literally shaking," Kim said as she tried to stay calm, but laughter quickly ensued as the "Punk'd" OG revealed himself as the culprit. Jerk.

+ So tell us, after so many years apart from "Punk'd," how do you think Ashton Kutcher handled his comeback? Take the poll!

How did Ashton Kutcher do as comeback host?

  • Amazing! Best episode this season.
  • It was pretty good, but could've been better.
  • He didn't hold a candle to The Beebs.

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