Good Samaritan Ashley Rickards Confused For EMT On 'Punk'd' [Bonus Scene]

Ashley Rickards is used to playing someone accused of being suicidal on "Awkward," but the actress pulled out all the stops to save a life on tonight's "Punk'd." When she didn't even hesitate to stick her fingers down a guy's throat to help him upchuck a fake mouthful of chemicals, one producer was sure she'd been an emergency responder at some point in the past.

"Just a lot of experience with people swallowing oil," Ashley jokes in the bonus scene below after being asked if she had an EMT background. "Happens every day--I've seen this. I know what to do." Producers continue to laud her for her benevolent behavior as the shock of the prank sets in, until she points to an actor/impatient driver she'd yelled at in the heat of the moment and shouts "I was a bitch to you!" All for the greater good, though...

+ Check out do-gooder Ashley Rickards' post-prank interview, and tell us if you're surprised she was so willing to lend a (literal) hand!

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