'16 And Pregnant Reunion Special' Sneak Peek: Briana's Still In Pain

We've witnessed many teen fathers refuse to step up and assume active parenting roles on "16 and Pregnant," and if you recall Briana's story from this past season, her ex-boyfriend and baby's father, Devoin, was certainly no exception. He spent a large portion of the episode ignoring Briana, and when he finally agreed to interact with their newborn, Nova, he spent the majority of their time together texting his friends. Devoin drew in few fans (89 percent of Remote Control readers thought he was a lost cause), and when we interviewed the young mom after filming wrapped, she was still justifiably disappointed in him.

We'll get a chance to hear an update from Briana and Devoin (as well as seven other girls from Season 4) during Tuesday's "16 and Pregnant Reunion Special"; in the meantime, check out the below sneak peek, where the somber teen confronts her ex about his lack of presence and responsibility. "You fed me lies throughout my whole pregnancy," she says onstage next to Devoin. "I'm doing it all on my own." Be sure to tune in to the show June 5 at 10/9c to hear what kind of guidance Dr. Drew has for them.

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