New 'Teen Wolf' Special Effects Won't Obscure Hero Story, Producers Say [Video]

If you thought the Alpha Wolf's red eyes or Jackson's nauseating neck-surgery dream sequence were worthy of "Teen Wolf" screaming fits, you ain't seen nothin' yet. The show's creative team has really upped the ante this time around, and from valley-spanning leaps to man-to-wolf mutations, the special effects set for Season 2 is a whole new ballgame.

Show producers Jeff Davis and Joe Genier explain how far the element of visual trickery has come since Season 1 in the "Werewolfology" clip below, and Davis says the advancements--including that creepy loping--will be clear straight off the bat. For all the horrifying sights, though, he says he's proud that his characters aren't just monsters and are able to hold onto their humanity beneath all of that nightmare-inducing makeup. "Our werewolf mythology is actually inspired a lot by comic book superheroes," he says. "What we've tried to do is craft a story where we get our fear and the anger and the anguish of becoming a monster, but that eventually transforms into a hero."

+ Check out the upcoming story from the show's head honchos, and be sure to tune in to the "Teen Wolf" Season 2 premiere on June 3, right after the 2012 MTV Movie Awards!

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