'Money From Strangers' Poll: Would You Rather Make Like A Mummy In Public Or Do Yoga In A Coffee Shop?

As per usual, Jeff Dye and his funny friends didn't disappoint during last night's episode of "Money From Strangers," nor did the random New Yorkers that were pulled off the street and asked to cause a ruckus. And cause a ruckus they did. Peep two of our favorites and then tell us: Which would you rather do?

Is my tampon string showing? Manhattanites see it all--homeless men mumbling nonsensically about the end of the world, rasta hat-rocking hippies grooving to the music playing in their heads and iconic cowboys wearing nothing but tighty-whities. Yet, we were still shocked when the first contestant from last night's "MFS" barely elicited a second glance in a busy Brooklyn doughnut shop.

When the very daring Armando spun around in circles shouting "mummy!" while simultaneously wrapping himself in a spool of yarn, the clerk merely reached over and cut the string. No "You better get outta here, buddy!" or "I'm gonna call the cops!" The proverbial creme in the doughnut came when Armando then had to approach a pretty girl and ask, "Is my tampon string showing?" When she replied, "I've never seen one that long" (that's what she said?), the very suave Armando requested a kiss. AND SHE DID IT! Geez. If only it were that easy all the time.

Coffee shop yoga is a totally normal thing to do. Anna, on the other hand, pissed off a few caffeine drinkers during her Jeff Dye-fueled exhibition. After harassing a couple of chatty customers and tipping the baristas with packets of Equal (what, no Splenda?!), our girl whipped out her yoga mat for a little downward dog while chanting, "Ohhmmm... coffee shop yoga is a normal thing to do." Why, yes. Yes, it is.

+ Which dare would you rather take? Take the poll!

Would you rather unravel over donuts or spoil someone's java?

  • I'll go with the mummy task.
  • Downward dog and some coffee, please.

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