Exclusive Interview: '16 And Pregnant' Mom Kristina Is Newly Engaged

Tonight's "16 and Pregnant" season finale featured one of the most tragic stories ever seen on the series. After only three months of dating the young man Kristina considered her "soulmate," she found out she was expecting; shortly after, he died in a sudden drowning, never to see his son Lukas born. The various ways in which everyone that was close to Todd grieved greatly complicated Kristina's journey into early parenthood. Her mother's all-consuming guilt sharply contrasted her own quiet, almost stoic period of mourning, and as a result, the teen mom often felt suffocated. But since then, Kristina has encountered a more peaceful place through counseling--even her mom, whom she says aggravates her still, comes along with her sometimes. Also, in a surprising turn of events, Kristina fell in love again. She met TJ through her late fiance's brother, Daniel, and the two are now engaged to be married. "He makes me smile all the time, he's good to Lukas and he's not trying to step over, I guess you could say, if Todd was here, his toes," she tells us in the three-part interview below.

Sadly, Kristina's relationship with TJ hasn't sat well with Todd's family, nor her own Aunt Dotty; the people who once sheltered her have now shunned her. "They found it disrespectful," she explains. But regardless of others' judgment, Kristina says she's content, and that her new fiance provides her with the security and lightness she needs in order to be a good mother. "I didn't think I would move on after [Todd's death] happened, but I just realized that if I'm miserable the rest of my life because of it, what kind of life am I giving my son? I need to be happy so that he's happy."

+ How do you feel about Kristina's engagement, as well as how Dotty and Daniel have reacted to it? Watch our exclusive interview with her, and weigh in with your own opinion in the comments.

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