Tyler Posey Shows Off His 'Teen Wolf' Crib [Video]

Forget Mariah Carey's lavish NYC penthouse or Shaq's custom-built circle-bed (but seriously, do you remember that thing...?!), Tyler Posey was livin' large while shooting the second season of "Teen Wolf," or at least as large as an on-set trailer could offer. ARE THOSE DESIGNER BLINDS WE SEE?!

Scott McCall's real-life counterpart recently invited MTV cameras inside of his mobile home away from home to demonstrate how the rich and famous really live. Evidently, the rich and famous keep tissues in flip-up cabinets and spend downtime banging remote-controlled helicopters into refrigerators. It's like watching a different species! But seriously, it's nice to see the show's star isn't yet too big for his britches. Sadly, we can't say the same for his shirt, as there are still a handful of pins jammed into its back to keep the garment form-fitting. All the better to climb into his pantry with!

+ Check out how MTV's stars really live, and tell us what you think of Posey's digs-on-wheels!

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