'ABDC' Says Its Final Goodbye To Fanny Pak [Video]

The inimitable Fanny Pak made a serious mark during the second season of "ABDC"--there's no denying the success they've enjoyed ever since--but taking home the gold was the one achievement that eluded them. So, they returned for Season 7 in hopes of snagging that big win.

But their road was a rocky one, and this season's strong-willed audience kept throwing the crew into the show's bottom two. Each time, they picked their heads up and battled their way to safety with what judge D-Trix called the "cleanest choreography" of all seasons combined. Fanny frontman Matt Cady refused to ever get discouraged by the voter response, and explained what made them so unique: "We're trying not to conform to please the masses--we're stating something that we believe in so much. If you follow that, then you should vote for us."

Though Fanny's message of proud individuality did speak to many voters, they fell to the bottom once again in Week 7, alongside their friends Elektrolytes. They both pulled off breathtaking performances, forcing the judges to deliberate long and hard before asking Fanny to Pak their bags.

Hear their parting words in the exit interview below:

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Photo: Kareem Black