This Coffee Shop Has Seen 'Stranger' Things [Sneak Peek]

After living in a city filled with so many lively characters, it's easy to become desensitized to it all. Sure, the first time we spotted a hemp-wearing activist shout offensive rhetoric at fund managers we phoned home to share the news ("You wouldn't believe what we just saw, ma!"), but there comes a point in every New Yorker's life when the outlandish becomes normal. Which sort of makes Jeff Dye's task particularly challenging. Each week, he picks unsuspecting strangers and dares them to do embarrassing things for money, but what happens if said weird thing doesn't elicit a wild reaction?

Well, that's exactly what happens in the below sneak peek of Monday's all-new "Money From Strangers" episode. In it, the show's host instructs a cash-hungry contestant to head inside a coffee shop and wrap an entire spool of string around his body while shouting "mummy" repeatedly. He complies, he spins, and (...) nothing. The barista leans forward and cuts the string ending his mummification parade, but that's it. Hmm. Surely, Jeff and his buddies have more tricks up their sleeves...?

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