A Good Night's Sleep Is Not In The Cards For Biggie And Jerry [Sneak Peek]

It doesn't matter if a hotel boasts complimentary check-in cocktails, a monster Continental breakfast or a luxury spa--if a party's reservation offers half as many beds as people, someone's getting screwed. In this case, Biggie and Big Jerry draw the short straws, and they are in for one completely sleepless night.

The guys are taken aback by their suite's bed shortage in this sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode of "The Pauly D Project." In an ultimate nice-guy gesture, Biggie bows out of the running so that Pauly and Ryan can have some space to bring back girls, but immediately regrets his decision once the concierge brings up two microscopic cots for his and Jerry's shut-eye endeavors. "Yo, really, can we swap for the beds?" Biggie pleads in a panic. "I'll pay you!"

+ Take a look at the discomfort to come, and tune in Thursday at 10:30/9:30c to see if they survive the night.

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