The Top 5 From 'ABDC' Are Pumped To Rep Rihanna [Video]

After a surprising non-elimination during Week 6, "ABDC"'s top 5 have saddled up for another round of high-energy competition in search of that dance crew gold. Fanny Pak's Meg Lawson, whose crew was spared elimination alongside Rated Next Generation last week, was thrilled at the chance to perform in Week 7: "We're so excited to dance again!"

FP weren't the only squad with last week on the brain either. Mos Wanted Crew, who flubbed two tricks during the Pitbull challenge, were eager to redeem themselves despite the judges' remarks that they "gave up" after making the mistakes. "We've reviewed the tapes, and... despite the two flops... it was pretty strong all the way though," said Lando Wilkins." "A lot of us didn't even know that there were mistakes until we were being judged," added Ian Eastwood. "I thought we ripped it the whole time."

So, onto the new challenge. This week, Rihanna doled out tasks to the crews, asking them to incorporate (often cumbersome) props into their groovy routines. And who doesn't love RiRi? Every dancer in the house (which included visitors from FunkDation and StepBoys) was amped to jam to her music .

ABDC Insider host Layla Kayleigh Covino caught up with the Top 5 before they hit the stage. Check out the interview, which also features Chanel and Steelo from "Ridiculousness"!

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