Jenelle Evans Finds Her Inner-Peg Leg With Son And Fiancé [Photos]

Role reversal! Jace gives Gary a little push in the stroller.

It's only fitting that her walk down the aisle be preceded by one across the plank. Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom 2" recently celebrated a day of pirates and buried treasure with her two favorite guys--son, Jace, and fiancé, Gary Head--and, while surrounded by peg legs and three-cornered hats, the trio seemed completely within its element.

Gary split time between giving his bride-to-be some PDA and getting free rides from Jace in the little guy's stroller. And when the modern family finally made it aboard the great ship docked in a Wilmington, North Carolina harbor, Jace looked as if he'd just stumbled upon a "Goonies"-esque collection of doubloons. Here's hoping there are no booby traps on the way back to shore.

+ Check out the photos of the gang's foray into Blackbeard's territory, and tell us if you think it looks like they fit together.

Gary and Jenelle sneak a kiss while in line.

Ahoy! Jace contemplates the pirate life.

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Photos: Turgeon/Harvey/Splash News