'Money From Strangers' Poll: Would You Rather Act A Fool In A Skate Shop Or Kill Plants In A Café?

We have yet to see an episode of "Money From Strangers" that didn't make us convulse in a fit of can-barely-breathe belly laughs. That first chick from last night's ep who insisted she was an astronaut? Amaze. This show is good. Like, it's really good. Really. Yup. Totally good. So good...

Um, no. "MFS" bossman Jeff Dye didn't offer us $50 to say "good" over and over 'til you're too uncomfortable to keep reading. But recalling these two awkward doozies might make you regret doing so:

Toot toot! Fruit boots! Needless to say, Nancy Ashley Craig won't be getting hired at Blades skate shop anytime soon. After requesting a job application, C-man proceeded to wreak havoc in the store, playing with a pair of fruit boots rollerblades, feigning ignorance over a snowboard and insulting everyone who dared cross his licorice-haired path. Craig nailed that grand after spinning around in circles for 30 seconds with a T-shirt over his head while yelling, "Three-sixty!"

You're not so special now, are ya? Chelsea didn't shave her armpits or this prank would have taken place in a Starbucks. From planking in the middle of the coffee shop to exclaiming, "A black president?!?" the girl more than earned her Benjamins. The real test, however, came when she was asked to water the plants with creamer and then wipe off the café's entire chalk board, specials and all. She passed with flying compost!

+ Which dare would you rather do? Take the poll!

Would you rather act a fool in a skate shop or kill plants in a cafe?

  • I'll take the 30 seconds in the skate shop, please.
  • Oh, those plants are so dead.

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