'The Situation' Comes Clean About His Pill Addiction And Early Recovery [Video]

Cameramen swarm "The Situation" while he shops in Beverly Hills.

Throughout five seasons of flexing his "Rambo" abs, adorning a plethora of ladies--grenades or otherwise--with pair upon pair of "Situation"-branded sweats, not to mention easily-won kisses, and instigating a heavy load of tension and turmoil within the "Jersey Shore" household, the true identity of Mike Sorrentino often felt unclear. Sometimes he was the good guy that, without ulterior motive, brought his roommates breakfast in bed; yet sometimes he played the villain that, without provocation, conspired to end his roommates' relationships. Sometimes he was up, sometimes he nestled deep, down below. If anything was consistent, it was his inconsistency. And, as we realize now, his secrecy.

In March, the story broke on TMZ that Mike had long-suffered an addiction to pills--specifically prescription pain killers--but had finally reached his bottom and entered inpatient care to seek treatment. While rumors that alcohol and street drugs were also a part of the equation, the humbled reality TV giant now insists to MTV News' Sway that information is false.

With some clean time under his belt, he reflects back on the darker days and shares his current struggle to remain on the straight and narrow in these online-exclusive interview clips. "I'm not gonna lie, it's not easy," he tells Sway about his early recovery. "Where I'm at now? I'm in a good place, but it took a little bit to get there. A lot of rainy days."

Watch the videos to hear the full story from Mike on how his substance abuse got started, as well as how it affected his ties with family and friends, including his "Jersey Shore" housemates. It remains to be seen what will happen when Season 6 starts filming this summer, but it's certain that Mike will need as much support as possible from his second family, and his first step in securing such sounds like it might be making amends with Snooki. "That girl is very special to me." Could this finally be the real guy talking? Decide for yourself:

Photo: Fern/Splash News

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