Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Is Gearing Up To Walk Down The Aisle

Jenelle Evans shows off her new engagement ring on Twitter.

Ready the chapel for Jenelle Evans--the "Teen Mom 2" star is engaged! And by the looks of her smile in the photo above, she's pretty damn thrilled about it.

Jenelle confirmed via Twitter that she and her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Gary Head, have decided to permanently seal the deal by means of marriage. Though she swore the guy off only last month, Us Weekly reported, apparently his support in recent weeks has allowed her to see him in a new light and let go of their butting-heads habit. A source told the magazine that Jenelle actually shot him down when he proposed once before, but she was ready to make the commitment when he tried a second time.

+ Are you happy to hear Jenelle's big news, or do you think she's moving too quickly? Share your thoughts!

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Photo courtesy of @PBAndJenelley_1