Surprise! No Crew Booted From 'ABDC' In Week 6

If you're anything like us, you spend the weekly "ABDC" eliminations biting your nails, hoping that just once host Mario Lopez will say the judges have decided that neither of the bottom two crews will be going home.

Tonight, our prayers were answered.

The ceremony was intense! On the chopping block were Fanny Pak, who appeared unified but rather nervous about their fate, and Rated Next Generation, who seemed convinced it was their time to go. Both teams had close calls last week so it could have gone either way, but when tough judge JC Chasez whispered to us at the taping that this week's decision would be hard for some fans to digest, we knew something interesting was about to go down.

"Both crews advance!" declared Mario seconds later. Shock rippled through each dancer as they realized they'd been spared, and then everyone hugged, screamed and jumped for joy. Needless to say, it was a good night for the top 5 crews.

"ABDC Insider" host Layla Kayleigh Covino snagged exclusive interviews with the very relieved Meg Lawson of Fanny Pak and Jennique Derousseau of RNG following the announcement. Check it out:

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