Down With The Environment On 'Money From Strangers' [Sneak Peek]

If there's any part of you that wants to offend people, or win money--or do both of those things simultaneously--then your best bet is to connect with roaming funnyman and "Money From Strangers" host Jeff Dye, cuz he can certainly make it happen. Well, if you've got the balls to act as he says.

So far, Dye has managed to mortify a costume shop's security guard by daring a contestant to propose to him, and successfully confused an entire taco joint by getting someone to throw food into the store's tip jar. But in a state as big as New York, which is where Dye and his accomplices have been executing all of their dirty work, there are just too many ways to embarrass people for the prank captain to slow his roll...

Which might explain why he literally hunts down a pedestrian named Chelsea in this sneak peek of Monday's all-new episode. Her first task? Head into a coffeehouse and discuss her poor grooming habits. Second? Completely destroy the hearts of all eco-friendly java enthusiasts by abusing the compost bin. Take that, environment!

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