'The Unit' And His Hair Travel Back To The '60s [Photo]

'The Unit' opens wide at Martorano's Italian-American Kitchen in Florida.

It's as if Jonny "The Unit" Manfre's biceps and hair are in cahoots--each time his bulging arms grow in circumference, so does his impressively fluffy fro.

The "Jersey Shore" informant certainly isn't the first king with curls that's caught our attention--Boy Meets Worlder and Stanford grad Ben Savage intro'd us to the hairstyle way back in the day (although Savage typically kept his coif tidy)--but "The Unit"'s ever expanding 'do might be deserving of the retro look's greatest honor. Even Napolean Dynamite's got nothing on this gorilla's mane!

While at Martorano's Italian-American Kitchen at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood earlier this month, "The Unit" shoved a plate of meatballs down his throat--and later, a cannoli down his girlfriend's (chivalry is soooo not kaput)--all the while, keeping his unkempt '60s locks from falling into his food.

+ We here at Remote Control are blown away by the girth of Johnny's coif, but we want to hear your opinion. Check out pics of the aforementioned fellas below, then take the poll and let us know who's your favorite bro with a fro?

'The Unit'; Ben Savage at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2007; Napoleon Dynamite's class pic.

Who's got the best fro?

  • The Unit
  • Ben Savage
  • Napoleon Dynamite

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Photos: Ralph Notaro/Splash News, Sylvain Gaboury/FilmMagic, courtesy of Fox Searchlight