Snooki To Celebrate One Whole Year Of Tanning Sobriety This Summer!

A less-tan Snooki tweets a shot of her growing baby bump.

Snooki might be developing a mother's glow as her pregnancy proceeds, but there's no longer a trace of fake 'n' bake to her complexion. The "Jersey Shore" meatball recently announced she's given up artificial UV rays for the health of her baby, and actually hasn't hit a salon in nearly a YEAR! Up is down and black is white etc. etc.!

Nicole told E! News Monday that she, unlike another certain Jersey mother, hasn't occupied a single tanning bed since last August (an in-house spray tan salon, perhaps...). Still, she assured those with misgivings about her potential paleness that Casper, she ain't. "I have that natural dark skin," she said. "Even if I didn't tan for two years, I would still be tan."

Snooks went on to say she's strayed off the beaten path when it comes to understanding her changing body, and has done away with the traditional "How-To" research book regimen. "I have three applications on my phone that take you through your pregnancy," the mom-of-the-future said. "They tell me things like what to eat, what to expect at certain times--like cramps or swelling. I'm always prepared for what's happening to my body." The kid is a Words With Friends prodigy in the making...

+ What do you think of a lighter, brighter Snooki? Tell us if you think she should stay away from the UV for good or if a post-delivery trip to the tanning bed is necessary.

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Photo courtesy of @Snooki.