'Money From Strangers' Poll: Would You Rather Stick A Cannoli Down Your Pants Or A Salami Between Your Legs?

Last night's double-episode of "Money From Strangers" made us extra uncomfortable. (Confession: We liked it.) From rubbing your buttocks on the glass of a fine jewelry store to asking about a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting at a burger joint, we advise you not try these shenanigans at home...unless you've got Britney Spears-sized security. Or, of course, there's $1,000 on the line from one very generous Jeff Dye. Thankfully, these folks were that lucky (unlike *Ellana from Staten Island, who refused to call out some old maids in a dollar store):

Mmm... that's rich. John's foray into an Italian café started out tame enough with some awkward balloon-biting and a bit of random excitement over the Yankees. But when it came time to stuff a cannoli pastry down his pants while exclaiming, "Mmm... that's rich," we lost what little control we had over our emotions. John continued to juggle oranges, inhale helium and devour 10 slices of ham the entire time, all the while carrying a crotch full of cannoli. John and his creamed johnson definitely earned that grand.

No hands on the salami! While Jose failed slightly at pickle-smoking and reenacting Meg Ryan's big "When Harry Met Sally" sex scene at NYC's famed Katz's Deli, he rocked at pissing off the bug-eyed sandwich guy. (Really, what's so hard about making an inside-out pastrami sammich?) Jose also ultra-redeemed himself during the Speed Round, when he had to run around the store with a giant salami between his legs and yell, "No hands on the salami!" Well done, sir.

+ So tell us: Which dare would you rather try? Take the poll!

Would you rather stick a cannoli down your pants or a salami between your legs?

  • I'll take a crotch full of cannoli, please.
  • Gimme the meat stick at Katz's!

*Ellana- Mad respect for sticking to your guns, girl.

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