Rob Dyrdek Shows Sara Jean Underwood His Downward Dog [Bonus Scene]

Joining funnyman Rob Dyrdek and his illustrious duo of obsessive internetters on tonight's episode of "Ridiculousness" was American model and actress, Sara Jean Underwood. Rob kicked off the show by honoring Sara's "2007 Playmate of the Year" accolade with a segment called "Slamming Bodies," but the viral vids he shared turned out to be half-naked sport junkies smashing their bods into the pavement--a far cry from what we'd probably see in a "Playboy" clip.

The mood was light and fun, but the skateboard legend was determined to get more than just a giggle out of the blonde bombshell. In the bonus scene below, Rob tells Sara they share a common interest--yoga. And, in order to prove how much of a yogi he truly is, he hits the floor and demonstrates some rather unique postures. (That's quite an interesting interpretation of Downward Dog, Rob.)

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