MTV Twitter Roundup: JWOWW Throws Down The Gay-Marriage Gauntlet

JWOWW promotes her "Ab Cuts Sleek & Lean Revolution" in New York City earlier this week.

Before we proceed, it's important we point out that JWOWW of "Jersey Shore" once advised against physical violence. Virtual aggression? Well, that's a different story...

After President Barack Obama voiced his personal support of same-sex marriage this week, right-wingers across the country predictably cried foul--among them, former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol. In a blog entry, Palin voiced her dissatisfaction with the President's announcement and noted "...we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview."  Turns out, Jenni didn't take too kindly to Bristol's words, and let her know via Twitter. After all, she believes Sammi and Ronnie deserve happiness together, so why not Pauly and Vinny, too?

Elsewhere on the social media site, Maci of "Teen Mom" essentially made herself an honorary "J-Shore" housemate by declaring a pickle penchant, Emily of "The Challenge" had less luck in the kitchen when an intruder started cooking in her house (uhh...) and Ron announced he's only steps away from releasing his new cocktail brand.

+ Check out the full lineup of what some of MTV's best and brightest were up to this week:

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Photo: Splash News