Mac Miller Gets 'Loud' On 'Hip Hop POV' [Video]

"I like my music real loud, real loud. Can you turn that sh** up for me right now, right now?"

Happy to, Mac!

Proudly independent rap act Mac Miller was the latest to hype up the "Hip Hop POV" audience at the end of the most recent episode, and the self-made hip-hop star got so into his song, "Loud," he almost literally danced his pants off during the performance. Consider a belt, dude! Good stuff, otherwise, though.

The Pittsburgh native, whose single comes off of his most recent free mixtape, Macadelic, strutted around the stage and played off of the DJ like someone miles ahead of his 20 years. "This song is called loud--so we're gonna do exactly that," he said before diving into one breath-snatching verse after the next. And, in the ultimate act of IDGAF coolness, the sunglasses STAYED ON throughout. Some bright lights in the studio!

+ Check out Mac Miller's entire performance, and make sure to tune in to MTV Wednesday at midnight for the final season episode of "POV"!

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