Aubree And Jace Of 'Teen Mom 2' Destined To Be Old Married Couple [Video]

Their mothers Chelsea and Jenelle might be navigating difficult back-and-forth relationships, but itty-bitty Aubree and Jace of "Teen Mom 2" have made it very, very clear they're going to spend the rest of their lives together. Unconvinced? Check out the video below and get back to us.

Like any mom would, Jenelle recently took it upon herself to embarrass her son beyond recovery by exposing his most intimate secret to her close friends--you know, the hundreds of thousands of fans that follow her every move across social media. After Jace told his mom he missed his star-crossed lover, Aubree, Jenelle taped the confession and posted it to Twitter, effectively setting up a big bout of cringing when the kid watches it during his teenage years. (As if the run-of-the-mill braces and acne routine won't be damaging enough.)

+ Check out the cutest little virtual Valentine below, and tell us if you think Jace and Aubree are destined for marriage! Ought to be an interesting photo album...

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