Snooki And JWOWW React To SamRon Rekindling Their Love

The BFFs freaked when we told them not to wear animal print or pink. (It would clash with the set!)

Snooki and JWOWW popped by the office earlier today--ya know, just to say "what up, bitches" and shower us with compliments. Kidding (well, about the second part), we were actually interviewing them about their new MTV series ("Snooki & JWOWW" premieres June 21), as well as the upcoming 6th season of "Jersey Shore," which begins shooting in June and will feature one very pregnant meatball and two reunited exes the world has come to know (and love/hate) as SamRon.

While Snooki and Jenni have previously expressed expletive-heavy displeasure in regards to sharing space with the on-again/off-again couple--especially when it's on--they're actually rather thrilled that Sammi and Ronnie are an item again. But not for reasons you may assume. "We always wanted Sam and Ron to be happy and healthy together when we were in the moment, but then we look back when they were happy and healthy together, and it's boring," JWOWW explained. "Just someone punch each other in the face! Someone entertain me!"

Hear that, SamRon? You officially have permission from your housemates to go all bats**t cray on each other.

Pregnancy hasn't affected Snooki's shoe collection. She said she'll be wearing heels in the delivery room!

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Photos: Ivette Thomas