'Punk'd' Poll: What Would You Have Done In The New Boyz' Position?

"Punk'd" is the type of show that makes everyone cringe with embarrassment, but thankfully, it's the celebs getting mind-f***ed, not us. But what if the tables turned and all of a sudden you unknowingly found yourself on the bad end of a mortifying prank? What decisions would you make? Let's put you in the stars' shoes and see how you'd manage, shall we?

The name New Boyz suits this group, as they are just emerging onto the scene. The bigger they get, the quicker they'll become accustomed to the luxuries of Hollywood, which is what they thought was happening on last week's episode of "Punk'd."  The musicians headed to their first posh VIP party, where Nick Cannon set them up with beautiful ladies, but their excitement quickly switched to confusion when they were bounced between different waiting rooms (and later, were privy to an up close and personal shot of a pantless man). In the end, the Boyz were led through a labyrinth and dumped out in front of the club, and Cannon was there to let them know they'd just been screwed with. Certainly a different sort of Hollywood initiation than they were expecting.

+ So what would you have done if you were with the New Boyz? Would you have overlooked the shenans and waited it out for the real night to start, or would you have gotten fed up with all the freaky partygoers and just left? Take the poll!

What would you have done in the New Boyz' position?

  • I would've waited to get into the party before bailing.
  • I would've been tired of the weirdness and taken off.

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