Will Pauly D And 'Sitch' Find Love On Fox's New Celeb Dating Show?

Pauly D and Mike of "Jersey Shore" have collectively endured a world war's worth of grenades (hey, when you're at Karma more often than your own house, it's to be expected). But are they finally (like, beyond Christina and Paula finally) ready for love? A new game show will soon find out.

The two proud guidos are among a slew of celebs looking for dates on FOX's upcoming series, "The Choice." According to EW.com, each episode will feature plebeians vying for the affection of four famous people (Joe Jonas and Carmen Electra are also on the roster) that sit comfortably in spinning chairs, only exposing their identities if/when they hear something that sings to them. The sea of contestants will be drained little by little each round until each star is left with one date. After that, it's all up to the aim of Cupid's arrow. And, you know, the DTF factor.

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Photos: Ian Spanier