Mac Miller's Hat, Hoodie And Shades Make A 'Hip Hop POV' Appearance [Sneak Peek]

Considering Mac Miller's millions of YouTube views, Twitter followers and--oh, yeah--that Billboard #1 he's repeatedly seen in the last few years, it's hard to believe the rapper is not yet even 21 years old. And it's even harder to believe that he cultivated such a solid following without a deal from a major record label. But if you, like the "Hip Hop POV" panel, wonder if he'd ever change his representation, you might be surprised by his answer.

"When I get something's not because someone is behind the's because I feel like I worked for this," the former "Easy Mac" says in reference to his independent status in the below sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode. "I need that to stay sane." Something tells us he must have a Red Bull fountain tucked safely in his studio, too.

+ Check out the video of the barely identifiable (been dodging the paps, Mac?) up-and-comer describing his conviction to his craft , and make sure to tune in Wednesday at midnight to see the full interview.

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