Pauly D's About To Spin 'America's Best Dance Crew' Right Round [Sneak Peek]

DJ Pauly D on the "ABDC" set with "Vampire Diaries" star and recording artist Kat Graham.

Yeahhhh, buddy! Tomorrow night at 10/9c, DJ Pauly D will take hold of the "America's Best Dance Crew" arena while the remaining crews get down to the sounds of Jennifer Lopez. And if you had any doubts, the "Project" frontman is very ready to get that party started. "ABDC, I love it! We're gonna have a good time tonight!" he assures a hyped crowd in the below promo of the episode.

While PD keeps the show's insatiable fans suitably occupied between performances, 8 Flavahz, Mos Wanted Crew and the four other remaining teams will get notes from Beau "Casper" Smart, the guest choreographer of the episode (and one of J. Lo's own backup dancers). Judging by a sneak peek at Elektrolytes' staged fight-filled number to "Get Right," he's helped them all up the ante.

+ Check out the two video clips, and make sure to tune in Wednesday night at 10/9c to see if the Season 7 contenders can do Miss Lopez proud.

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