Dan Savage Has Got Some Fighting Words For Danger Of 'Caged' [Video]

Dan Savage has made a career out of always-honest dialogue, and when the "Savage U" sexpert thought Danger of "Caged" seemed a little...into himself...after submitting a slightly self-important question, he decided to tell him so. Maybe the pair should settle this one in the octagon...

"I was just wondering--how exactly do I keep girls from falling in love with me?" Danger asked on-camera before flashing a knowing set of pearly whites. Unfortunately, Dan wasn't one to fall for the charm, and decided to call things exactly how he saw them for the young fighter. Brace yourselves:

"Well, Danger, I think a good way to get girls from falling in love with you is just to play that clip," Dan replied. SNAP! Guess Matt will need Icy Hot for more than just the gym tonight--we think we can actually see his ego bruising.

+ Check out Dan's tongue-in-cheek advice below, and tell us if you think he said what needed to be said, or if he could have put things a little more...gently.

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