That's What You Said...About Myranda Denying Her Mom's Help

During the most recent episode of "16 and Pregnant," expecting teen Myranda wasn't sure what kind of relationship she wanted her mother, Billie, to have with her newborn. Billie battled with an addiction for much of Myranda's life, and the young mom didn't want to bring Kaylee into an unstable environment. At one point, Myranda agreed to allow her mother to babysit, but when Billie didn't answer a phone call, the panicked teen immediately returned home. Ultimately Myranda decided to take a step back, saying it would be awhile before her mom got to spend any time alone with Kaylee. Following the episode, we asked fans if Myranda needed to lighten up--here's a sample of what was posted on Remote Control and Facebook:

Remote Control:

"I believe everyone does deserve a second chance, but how many chances has her mom been given? If you make the decision to have children then make the decision to be a parent! It's more then just making promises, I am married with two kids and one on the way. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!" -- Jamie

"I have also gone through a lot of problems with my mom growing up. I still have never been able to forgive her for what she did to me and my brothers. So when I also became pregnant at 16 I swore to myself and my child that I will be the best mom I can be." -- Dezzii

"Myranda, let your mom give it another try. Sometimes when they see their grandchildren and realize they weren't a big part of your life either, they will change. I had a family member do just that." -- Jeanette


"Maybe in time, but it's hard to accept someone back into your life after they've hurt you that bad and put you in that situation at such a young age." -- Samantha

"I would not have left my newborn with her. Her mom needs to prove herself first, as in successfully completing more than 2 weeks of her rehab. Myranda should also go with her mom to a session, it would really help. Then baby steps on healing and allowing her to babysit." -- Shanna

"My mom was the same way when I was growing up. My grandparents raised me. My kids are almost 9,7, and 3 and she's never met them, and will NEVER be left alone with them. It's MY job as their parent to ensure their safety, and therefore, they won't be put in a situation that could be detrimental to them." -- Krystle

+ A majority of people don't think Myranda was in the wrong, but did you get a chance to sound off in this? Keep the convo going by letting us know if you think she should have been more accepting of her mom.

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