Kendrick Lamar Has Got 'The Recipe' For 'POV' Perfection [Video]

"Hip Hop POV" has seen plenty of East Coast talent since it premiered a few weeks back, but this past Wednesday night, the stage came alive with the likes of some California swagger. Compton native Kendrick Lamar worked his hardest to please the crowd, and across a head-spinning set, everything came together like the perfect "Recipe."

With a signature rasp and flannel shirt wrapped around his waist (how very Shawn Hunter), Lamar seemed ready to set his "POV" performance apart from the rest, and at a rate of a million words-per-minute, he did exactly that. "What more can I say? Welcome to L.A.," he shouted out toward the end of his love letter to the West Coast. And based on fan reception, his hospitality was a hit.

+ Check out Lamar's full performance of "The Recipe" below, and keep tuning in for the latest and greatest from the hip hop world every Wednesday at midnight.

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