Aleksandra Tries To Understand Her Bisexuality On 'Savage U' [Sneak Peek]

No matter how often we're told that everyone is different and there's no such thing as "normal," the concept can be difficult to fully grasp. It's a topic that continues to rear its head along Dan Savage's college visits, where he's been meeting many students that grapple with related insecurities. Regardless of their individual issue, he always reminds undergrads that no one is cut from the same cloth; each person is unique.

During Episode 5 of "Savage U," the opinionated columnist met a transgendered girl named Alexis who was too gun-shy to ask a guy out. Dan listened to her fears, then tried to instill in her a sense of confidence so she could approach dating with more courage.

In this sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, the advice-doler spends some time with Aleksandra, a University of Central Florida student and active member of the on-campus LGBT community. She says she began identifying as a lesbian 3 years ago, but is confused because she recently started having heterosexual desires. Dan reminds her that the "B" in LGBT stands for bisexuality, but it sounds like she could use a Savage-style self-esteem boost.

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