Pauly D To Serve As In-House DJ For 'ABDC' J. Lo Episode

Welp, they said Season 7 of "America's Best Dance Crew" would be a "Return of the Superstars," and they certainly meant it. On Wednesday night, not only will the remaining crews battle it out to songs by Jennifer Lopez, but MTV's favorite hard-haired DJ, Pauly D, will serve as in-house entertainment for the evening. Clear those schedules, ladies and gents--doesn't get much better than this.

"#TakeoverContinues," Pauly D tweeted today with the message, "Yeahhh Buddy DJin For Americas Best Dance Crew!!!!" The guy will keep the crowd moving between performances that draw from J.Lo's decades-spanning catalog. Whether it's "Waiting for Tonight" or "On the Floor," the mega-star's tunes will surely set the crowd on fire, and we couldn't be happier that Pauly's on deck to feed the flames.

+ Make sure to catch the must-see ep, and tell us if you think Fanny Pak can bounce back from near-elimination.

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