'Real World' Spy Cam: Friendships Grow Stronger When Chugging Margaritas

"Real World: St. Thomas" is right in the midst of shooting, and little do the seven roommates know that Remote Control has been granted access--for the first time EVER--to two of the most private areas of the house: the confessional and webcam. Check the blog throughout the weeks leading up to the show's summer premiere for ongoing insider info and video snippets featuring the new season's cast!

What would a "Real World" house be without a s**t-ton of booze flowing freely inside every room? Even the most private area of the pad, The Confessional, has been host to many a drunken rambling, which is exactly what you'll find in our latest Spy Cam video below.

Robb and Brandon S. (whom we just learned now goes by "Swift"--not Knight--to avoid any confusion between him and Brandon K.) engage in a bit of serious male bonding (hence the shoe compliments) after a hard night of partying, but whoa, don't get the wrong idea: They like chicks, bro! "I know you're not gay," Swift assures Robb. The rest is so slurry and convoluted that we're tasking you with the decoding process.

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