Demi Catches Her Breath After Peeping A Poltergeist [Bonus Scene]

The sight of a fake-ghost (hmm, is there any other kind?) may have taken years off of Demi Lovato's life, but the pop star isn't above giving credit where credit's due. And for the actress behind the apparition, who brought Demi dangerously close to soiling herself, credit meant a "job well done" in the form of a "Punk'd" hug. Aww...

Demi sorts through the stages of PTSD in the Episode 6 bonus scene below. After she finally manages to catch her breath and lower her heart rate, host Nick Cannon describes how the crew used expertly placed mirrors and just the right lighting to project the image of a ghost inside a recording studio. "I can't believe you guys did that to me," the singer says after tricking Nick into thinking his prank was responsible for cracking her already-broken phone. Season 10 host potential...?

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you think Demi's shock was warranted, or if her fear of ghosts means she's a little wet behind the ears.

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