Pauly D On Meeting Cancer Patient Dereck: 'He Was Just Like Me' [Video]

Not only is Pauly D charismatic and skilled behind the 1s and 2s, but dude's humble and understands that if it weren't for his supporters, he wouldn't be nearly as successful as he is today. During tonight's episode of "The Pauly D Project," the DJ had an opportunity to make a meaningful connection with one of his loyal fans. When his publicist, Amanda Ruisi, told him about a 15-year-old leukemia patient named Dereck, Pauly was more than on board to surprise-visit his home and spend some QT with him. After all, it's people like Dereck that have enabled Pauly to experience such fame and fortune.

The meet-and-greet was pretty special for both of them, and as a special thank you for his support, Pauly presented Dereck with scads of swag, from a variety of coveted T-Shirts to headphones from an exclusive line. In this clip from our latest "VIP Lounge," the mix-master opens up about the experience, noting how much Dereck reminded him of his younger self. "He was just like me," he shares with his bros. We can't get enough of seeing PD's sensitive side!

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